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***PAST DUE***

2020 Annual Association Dues: $495 –  WERE DUE BY May 1, 2020 by 4:00 PM
Any payments received past the above deadline are considered laste and subject to the penalty schedule below.

Invoices were mailed out the week of March 8, 2020.  For additional information, click on the links below.  We encourage all to “View Announcement” and “2020 Budget Detail” buttons below.

Dues Announcement

2020 Budget Details

Methods of Payment

Pay By Check

Please make assessment checks payable to: Hampton Place Homeowners Association

  • Checks may be mailed to:
    Hampton Place
    c/o Titan Management
    34760 Center Ridge Road
    P.O. Box 39531
    North Ridgeville OH, 44039

Pay By Credit Card 

Note: There will be a 4.5% processing fee ($20) for total of $515.

Pay Here with Card

Late Payment Penalties

Homeowners Association dues are due in full by 4:00 PM of the stated deadline. Per the schedule below, all late payments will be assessed additional penalties, up to and including a lien on the property.

Payment Received Amount Due Penalty Details
May 2, 2020 – May 10, 2020 $530 $495 + $35 late fee
May 11, 2020 – May 31, 2020 $565 $495 + $35 late fee I+ $35 late fee II
June 1, 2020 and beyond $565 + Lien Fees + Legal Fees $495+ $35 late fee I + $35 late fee II + Lien on Property

Financial FAQs

Please see the responses to frequently asked questions regarding past and current budgets.

I don’t plan to particpate in the HOA events. Why do my dues have to go toward them?2019-04-01T23:41:36-04:00

With any expense, each resident may not have a direct benefit on each of the Association expenses, however, all expenses do benefit Hampton Place as a whole. Throughout the years, the Board has received numerous requests for events (even to where a committee was created) along with overwhelming positive feedback from attendees when events occur. All residents within Hampton Place have the option to attend and/or participate in all Hampton Place events. It’s your choice if you chose not to participate in them

I don’t use the pool, why do I have to have an increase in dues?2019-04-01T23:41:06-04:00

We are a single subdivision community, and as part of the community you are part of the Homeowners Association. Amenities like the pool, landscaping, ponds, etc increase the value of all of our properties. All residents within Hampton Place have the option to use all amenities. It’s your choice if you chose not to use them.

We see all of these new homes being built in Phase IV, why do the dues need to be raised if we have in increase in homeowners?2019-04-01T23:40:39-04:00

Each new section of our development brings with it additional expenses that are due before the homes are built, such as common sidewalks, maintenance of the common areas, additional ponds, additional space that requires snow removal, etc. This increase in costs must be included in this budget, even though the homes are not completed in the new section.

Please Remove The Geese Control…It’s an unnecessary expense.2019-04-01T23:40:10-04:00

With the amount of water throughout Hampton Place, geese control services are required.  While many may appreciate the geese around or not see this as a necessary expense, their aggression and waste are a health and safety hazard to our residents.

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