The Hampton Place Declaration of Covenants required all residents to have identical lamp posts as installed by the builder.  In the event you need a replacement, the information is as follows:

Light Post/Fixture Specifications

Phases 1-3:

  • Manufacturer Progress Lighting
  • Post Head:  Model P6417-20 (Phases 1-3) – 1 or 3 bulb fixture acceptable
  • Lamp Post:  Model P5391-31PC

Phases 4+:

  • Coming Soon (Contact Ryan Homes at this time)

Available at the following retailers

  • Amazon (lowest price as of this posting)
  • Home Depot (online-only)
  • Lowe’s (online-only)

If you are having difficulties finding the required lampost fixture from a reputable retailer and at a reasonable price, you may submit an alternative fixture to the Design Review Committee for review.  You may not proceed with an alternate fixture unless approved by the Design Review Committee.

  • Please note:  Alternatives must be as close as possible to the original design as installed by the builder including, but not limited to, style, number of lights, color, shape, number of glass pains, glass style, height, width, etc.
Submit Alternative Light Fixture to Design Review Committee