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Swim Lessons2019-04-25T22:40:47-04:00

Hampton Place’s pool management company, Metropolitan Pools, is offering swim lessons to Hampton Place residents.  These will be held in the Hampton Place pool and offered during two sessions this summer.  Please click on the button below for more information including cost, schedule, and to sign up.

Please Note:  Swim Lessons are available to Hampton Place residents only.  Guests are not permitted to participate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How old does a child have to be to participant in your lessons?2019-04-25T22:08:31-04:00

Metropolitan Pools understands that children develop at different ages, because of this they do not have a minimum age for swim lessons. They just ask that the child be able to sit & follow directions from the teacher.

I signed two (or more) of my children up, can their classes be at the same time?2019-04-25T22:09:19-04:00

If your children are signing up for the same level, then yes. If you are signing the children up for different levels, then no. Most developments will only have 1 instructor, because of this, each class level will be taught at different times. If you have siblings you wish to have in the same level & same time, please indicate that on your registration.

Swim lessons don’t work for my child’s schedule in the morning, do you offer afternoon/evening classes?2019-04-25T22:10:14-04:00

Unfortunately, Metropolitan Pools only offers morning swim lessons currently. However, many local recreation centers offer afternoon/evening swim lessons.

How long are the swim lesson classes?2019-04-25T22:10:49-04:00

30 minutes

When will I know what time my child swim lesson class will be?2019-04-25T22:33:35-04:00

All lessons will be held prior to the pool opening. An instructor will contact you 1 week prior to the class & let you know the exact time for your child’s session.

I’m worried my child isn’t ready for swim lessons. What happens if I decide the lessons are not a good fit for my child?2019-04-25T22:13:16-04:00

Please contact Metropolitan Pools’s main office at 216-741-9451 as soon as you decide to remove your child from the class. If the child has participated in 2 classes or less, they will give a full refund. If it has been 3 classes or more, they will provide a partial refund on an individual basis.

Can I sign up for swim lessons if I do not live in the development?2019-04-25T22:15:12-04:00

No, you must live in Hampton Place to participate in swim lessons.

When do I pay for the swim lesson class?2019-04-25T22:15:59-04:00

Payment in full will be due to the Metropolitan Pools instructor on the first Monday of your class.

I do not remember which level my child was in last year; how do I find this out?2019-04-25T22:17:15-04:00

If you or your child took the class through Metropolitan Pools, please contact their office & they will look that up for you.

I signed more than one child up, do I get a discount?2019-04-25T22:25:21-04:00

The cost per child is $49. Metropolitan Pools does not give discounts for signing up multiple children.

My child participated in swim lessons at another facility in the past, which level should I sign my child up for?2019-04-25T22:27:06-04:00

Please contact the facility your child took lessons before. Each level should have a name associated with it such as “Sea Horse” or “Guppy”. Metropolitan Pools has details of each level on their website. You can reference this and choose the level best suited.

I’m not sure which level is best for my child, what should I do?2019-04-25T22:28:44-04:00

Pick the class that you think works best. When swim lessons start, Metropolitan Pools can always move the child up or down a level based on their skill set. PLEASE keep in mind your child’s feelings, it is often better to move a child up a level because they are doing a good job vs moving them down.

Your website says swim lessons will be held over a 2-week period, will my child have swim lessons every day during that time?2019-04-25T22:29:48-04:00

No. The first Monday of lessons will be a payment and registration day. Classes will not be held Saturday or Sunday, and the last Friday is a make-up day if any class is cancelled.

Its predicted to rain tomorrow, will my child still have class?2019-04-25T22:30:46-04:00

Instructors will make the call the day of swim lessons and will contact each parent if the class is canceled. In the event a class is canceled, your instructor will set up a makeup day. Most makeup classes will be held on the last Friday.

My child has a disability; will this affect their participation in the class?2019-04-25T22:32:08-04:00

No. You are not obligated to disclose if your child has a disability. You only need to disclose the information if you feel doing so will help the instructor meet your child’s needs.

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